Summer Shorts - 014


Margie and Paul are in their late 60’s and having an affair. They have met at the same hotel every week for the last three years. They tease each other to avoid the tension of their feelings, but now Paul wants to change the rules. Loot is a comedy short about love and lust where everything rides on the game.

Deveopment History:
This 10-min play was originally drafted as part of the collection “Baby, You Can Drive My Car” in 2009. The initial setting for the play was Paul’s car, and it worked, but there was always a problem with continuity in the middle of the piece. When the play was first read during workshop at Space 55, I realized that I had to either completely alter the intention of the play or put it in a new setting. In 2012, I set the play in their hotel room and reworked Paul’s story to better clarify his intention to change the game. I submitted the piece to the Theatre Artists Studio for consideration in their Summer Shorts Festival and was delighted to have it included among the chosen works. Directed by Dominik Rebilas featuring Judy Lebeau and Steven Mastroieni.


A Cube With A View

Alexandra is smitten with Brock. Brock admires himself. Dennis wants something else. And none of them understand what the deal is with the cats.

Development History:
“Cube” was originally written as a companion play to Tangelico by Canadian playwright, Sterling Lynch. When I set out to write this piece, I had specific material in mind that would compliment Sterling’s script. But I also wanted to shape a short play that could stand on its own. Cube With A View is the play that emerged from that process. This work was first read at the Writers’ Forum at Space55. Tangelico and A Cube With A View were produced together at Space 55 Theatre Ensemble in February, 2010.



Throwing Snowballs at the Moon

JoJo is a wife, mother of three, and has been a caretaker all her life. During Sunday dinner, she announces that she’s leaving, and she’s not coming back. What can her family do to change her mind in the hour they have left? Throwing Snowballs at the Moon is JoJo’s solution to death, fear and regret. Running in real time, the play demonstrates the ways in which all families communicate; by interrupting, not listening, and enduring the silences.

Development History:
This one-act play has seen the road and then some. Drafted in 2001, I have substantially reworked the script with the guidance and care of Hal Corley and Kim Porter. Thanks too, to the many actors who have given life to these characters over the years. Throwing Snowballs at the Moon was performed as a staged reading at the Theatre Artists Studio in March 2007, and was mounted in a production with Post Game Show in May 2008.

Post Game Show

Stuck in parking garage traffic after a baseball game, Patrice reveals her friend’s shocking news to her husband. Confused, Jeffrey moves to turn on the post game show, but Patrice wants to talk about pie. Post Game Show follows Patrice and Jeffrey on a funny and heartwarming journey into the rearview mirror of their marriage. Will the 15 years of where they’ve been help them to write their own post game show? This one-act play is a companion piece to Throwing Snowballs at the Moon. Though both plays are written to stand alone, their overlapping dialogue emphasizes the struggles and humor found in all marriages.

postgame show08 013Development History:
Post Game Show was produced together with Throwing Snowballs at the Moon at the Theatre Artists Studio in May 2008. This piece was also produced as a stand alone one-act play at the Herberger’s Lunch Time Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, in August 2008.

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