Post Game Show

Stuck in parking garage traffic after a baseball game, Patrice reveals her friend’s shocking news to her husband. Confused, Jeffrey moves to turn on the post game show, but Patrice wants to talk – about pie.

Post Game Show follows Patrice and Jeffrey on a funny and heartwarming journey into the rearview mirror of their marriage. Will the 15 years of where they’ve been help them to write their own post game show? This one-act play is a companion piece to Throwing Snowballs at the Moon. Though both plays are written to stand alone, their overlapping dialogue emphasizes the struggles and humor found in all marriages.

Development History:
Post Game Show
was produced together with Throwing Snowballs at the Moon at the Theatre Artists Studio in May 2008. This piece was also produced as a stand alone one-act play at the Herberger’s Lunch Time Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, in August 2008.