Throwing Snowballs at the Moon

JoJo is a wife, mother of three, and has been a caretaker all her life. During Sunday dinner, she announces that she’s leaving – and she’s not coming back. What can her family do to change her mind in the hour they have left? Throwing Snowballs at the Moon is JoJo’s solution to death, fear and regret. Running in real time, the play demonstrates the ways in which all families communicate; by interrupting, not listening, and enduring the silences.

Development History:
This one-act play has seen the road and then some. Drafted in 2001, I have substantially reworked the script with the guidance and care of Hal Corley and Kim Porter. Thanks too, to the many actors who have given life to these characters over the years. Throwing Snowballs at the Moon was performed as a staged reading at the Theatre Artists Studio in March 2007, and was mounted in a production in May 2008.