From Ottawa to Phoenix: Closing Weekend
Tuesday, 02 March 2010
Despite the tardy flight attendant and the epic line in deicing, Sterling Lynch made it to Phoenix for closing weekend. We took in a Suns game, Barrio Café Mexican food, and capped it off with [title of show] on Sunday night. Oh yeah, and we went to our final performance of “Tangelico” and “A Cube With A View”.

Space 55 hosted a talk-back after the performance where Sterling and I fielded some pretty fun questions. My personal favorite had to be, “Did you write the opening scene or did they just make it up?” I have to say it was a hoot watching Sterling answer this one. A gentleman asked us to explain how we work together. I said, “Well, we’ve developed a kind of short-hand where one email will only contain a smiley face, and the entire conversation that goes with that is understood.” To which Sterling added, “On the flip side, we’ll exchange several lengthy emails arguing over the placement of a single comma.” And it’s so true.

To be sure, Sterling (@SterlingLynch) and I (@MareBiddle) have had the “front porch” experience of Twitter. Neighbors who wouldn’t have otherwise met, waved across the street and eventually worked on a community project together. Though the show was ultimately held in my backyard (and was largely promoted locally through the "back patio" of Facebook) most of our collaborative support came through our fellow Twitter neighbors. Social media rules!

On that note, I’ll leave you with the anticipation of the book: Social Media Set the Stage: Tangelico and A Cube With A View. Keep an eye out for our posts launching the book on Amazon.