Opening Night: From Ottawa to Phoenix - At Rise
Friday, 12 February 2010
Last night I sat in the fourth row with friends at my side and program in hand. My phone buzzed with supportive text messages. Opening night. Double Feature: Tangelico & A Cube With A View presented by Space55 Theatre Ensemble in Phoenix, AZ.

If you’ve read my posts over the last four weeks, you know the extent to which this pairing was not only unlikely but damn near impossible. But for the very beginnings of social media, Sterling Lynch and I would never have met. A Cube With A View would never have been written. And Space 55 would never have heard of Tangelico. That’s a lot of nevers.
As Sterling and I discussed with Dave Charest a few weeks ago, bringing two playwrights together from two countries and producing their two plays in one show is crazy! Playwrights can’t find each other in their own cities, let alone 2,500 miles apart. The net is cast even farther when you consider that innovative theaters like Space55 are always looking for new material – a new voice with a different perspective. Less than five years ago, their search would never have included an abstract playwright and performer from Ottawa, Canada. This makes me giggle because I have no doubt that Space55 accomplished their goal when they decided to mount Tangelico.

The coolest part of social media is that it puts a human face on the professional. Sterling and I bonded over song lyrics and a graphic novel. Then we moved on to reading each other’s blogs. It was here, when I read about glitter, that my hair spontaneously combusted. And I knew we weren’t going to get along at all. As he pointed out during our interview with Dave, “If we’d met at a cocktail party, we would’ve had a fight and never spoken again.” My response, “Absolutely!” Fortunately, as Sterling suggests, we may in fact be so opposite that we actually aren’t that opposite.

And to sum it all up, Sterling and I have decided to publish the plays in book form: Social Media Set the Stage: Tangelico & A Cube With A View. The book not only features the play scripts, but also our blog posts and other notes describing the process of putting this work together. We’re pretty excited about this project. Stay tuned for more information.

For the finale, I’ll leave you with some very cool news: Sterling will be in Phoenix for the closing weekend of the run. As the hosting Phoenician, I’m hoping for clear skies and a warm closing night. Looking forward to meeting you, Sterling!