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::::: Mare Biddle Portland Playwright & Author ::::: BLOG
Finding Jacob: From Ottawa to Phoenix, Part 4
Wednesday, 03 February 2010
The world premiere of Tangelico and A Cube With A View has been shepherded by many committed individuals – from the vision of the Artistic Director at Space 55, Shawna Franks, to Denny Guge and Stacey Reed working the hell out of Public Relations. And in the last two posts, I’ve touched on the critical role Brandon Wiley played in the production of this unlikely pairing.

I mentioned in the first post, that when I read the following two lines of dialogue in Tangelico, written by Sterling Lynch, I immediately texted Brandon:

JACOB: Well. Ahhh. (He looks around for a moment.) Aha! Why in fuck’s name are you peeling potatoes and cutting them up into strips?

SAM: Hey, don’t use the fuck’s name in vain.
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night: Ottawa to Phoenix, Part Three
Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The headline could have read: Tangelico and A Cube With A View take the world by storm! But Dave Charest had a different idea: “Let's call it, Mare may…or may…not make it through this interview!” he quipped during his interview with Sterling and me. We talked with him via Skype on Thursday, January 21st. Before we started taping I warned Dave that I might lose power during our conversation because Phoenix was in the middle of a violent storm. In fact two tornadoes touched down within the city limits. Crazy! Sterling and Dave had great fun with this notion. They assured me that in the event of any catastrophe, they would carry on without me even though I wouldn’t be able to defend myself – in my memory of course.

From Ottawa to Phoenix: The Journey of a Companion Play
Tuesday, 19 January 2010
Last week I shared the origin myth of how Sterling Lynch and I came to work together and ultimately create a show from our two one-act plays. I set the stage, as it were, for a discussion about my experience writing the companion play, A Cube With A View, to Sterling’s Tangelico.

First I asked Sterling if I could lift a couple of – well maybe three – okay four would be best – props from Tangelico. I took a breath. Then I asked if I could sort of “borrow” a few lines of dialogue. I wasn’t sure how many but not too many. He didn’t hesitate – absolutely – and then he said something about being a playwright from the hip-hop school of derivative works. That scared me. I decided to avoid any further references of the hip-hop nature, and said my goodbyes. I have no doubt that Sterling would recall this conversation in very much the same way.
What Do Ottawa & Phoenix Have in Common: Just A Couple of Playwrights
Tuesday, 12 January 2010

On occasion I have blogged about the working relationship Canadian playwright Sterling Lynch and I have managed to forge. Social media rules! I found my way onto Twitter in March, 2009 (@MareBiddle). I searched for theatres and artists to follow. Sterling was among the first playwrights. But he was in Canada, so would it even be worth it to follow him? I mean, we weren’t going to have anything in common, but I followed him anyway (@SterlingLynch). Given my sharp wit, astute intellect, and promise as a successful playwright, he followed back. I’m sure Sterling would agree. As predicted, we have nothing in common. Oddly enough we seem to work together quite well.

Tis the Season, Phoenix, for a Theatre Roundup!
Friday, 04 December 2009

Most of you have family or friends in town for the holidays. Inevitably, you will panic, “What are we going to DO with them?” Sure you can shell out $50-150 a ticket for a Cardinals or Suns game. I mean you can buy $10 seats, but let’s be honest, you’ll get vertigo up there. It’s never a good thing when you can literally touch the rafters – or the clouds.

There’s always the Nutcracker. Again. And again. You could go to Zoo Lights. Again. Or something else. Again.