Go To The Mattresses
Wednesday, 08 April 2009
Usually when I start a blog entry it’s because I’m inspired to share an experience, criticism, or dream. Okay, not so many dreams. This time I felt compelled to show up and write without direction – without a point. At this juncture you may wonder if I’m perched on a dawning epiphany and resulting truism. Yeah, I got nothin’. What do I do when I have nothing to say? (I assure you I have no intention of sitting quietly.) When all else fails – go to the mattresses!
The Mockingbird Sings...
Tuesday, 24 March 2009
Call me cynical, suspicious or just call me old, but the social media frenzy is kind of dumb. I’m not mocking social media, well yes, I am, but for good reason. Who on earth needs one more of “one of those things?” One more distraction or temptation? And anyway, the collective have a double-secret-probation-pop-culture name too: social media. Please. More like “we are Borg.”

Then one day, as the story goes, for an inexplicable reason, I decided to check it out.
A Funny Thing Happened...
Wednesday, 11 March 2009
I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a problem: we turn every production into a comedy. In fairness, Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the country, and our community/corporate/city support for theatre arts is less than impressive. I’m pretty sure theatre in Milwaukee has higher attendance and more financial backing than we do here. Given these circumstances, every season and every production winds up looking like a cross between Annie and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
Our Girl Would Never Say That
Thursday, 05 March 2009
When I was interviewed for a local news spot, the reporter asked me how my experience in theatre has affected my kids. I told her that both Sophie and Connor read all of my scripts. In fact, they told me recently that “our girl would never say that.” I argued. They stood their ground. I retreated to my office and emerged hours later with rewrites. They celebrated that their dense mother finally got a grip on the proper ending. My kids are often my best teachers.

When Carol MacLeod called to tell me about the interview, I have to admit, I started planning my wardrobe before we’d even hung up the phone. That’s a little slutty, I know. But, I’m a new playwright; I need the press.
A Full Evening at the Thea-tah!
Thursday, 26 February 2009
I am fascinated with the small canvas, but I’m often not-so-gently encouraged to write full-length plays. Evidently, people won’t come to the theatre (pronounced ‘thea-tah’ in this context) unless they can come for “a full evening.”  Shouldn’t we tell someone? Let’s get a hold of Pinter’s people, and Albee too. And someone send Marsha Norman a text.