A Year in the Blog of a One-Act Play
Thursday, 26 November 2009
Canadian actor, director, and playwright Sterling Lynch celebrates the first anniversary of his blog today, November 26, 2009. Congratulations!

Sterling and I started working together several months ago when our paths crossed on Twitter (@MareBiddle and @SterlingLynch).  Though we each bring a unique perspective and process to the composition of a play, Sterling and I appreciate a similar aesthetic in the form.
Risk: Sailing off the Edge of the Page
Tuesday, 17 November 2009
Taking risks. Moving outside the four edges of the page. Taking a gamble that the world is in fact round. That I won’t sail off the edge of the screen even though it certainly feels like that to me. Canadian graphic novelist, Von Allan, just released his first book entitled the road to god knows…. Over the last few weeks, we have talked via email about taking risks. He told me, “Risk taking for me isn’t the work itself. Risk is deciding to even try to do any of the work at all.” Von’s thoughts so clearly capture the fits and starts of staying seated at my desk every day. Writing is easy. It’s starting to write that sends me into a spiral. I imagine that today—today I will not be able to do it. Today I will not be able to string the words together. Today I will fail.
The Forest for the Trees
Friday, 11 September 2009
I’ve been working on a collection of short plays, Baby You Can Drive My Car, for the better part of a year. One 10-min play in the collection, Pumpkin Pie, was included in the 2008 Theatre Artists Studio’s Holiday Festival. Several other pieces have been workshopped at Space55 in Phoenix. People are excited about the collection and want to continue developing the work for production next fall. It’s too bad this piece isn’t even close to what I intended to write.
Thinking Inside the Box
Sunday, 16 August 2009
I’m generally not one for quippy little phrases like, “on the same page”, “out of pocket” or “thinking outside the box”. I don’t like bumper-sticker-speak. Three letter acronyms (TLA’s) drive me batshit. And don’t even get me started on Intel-speak. If someone you love is employed by Intel you know what I’m talking about here. We should form a support group – an ISG.
Hallucinations and Great Discoveries
Friday, 24 July 2009
I finally met up with Tyson Crosbie last week. He was generous with his time and in his inscription in my copy of Phoenix 21. We talked for about an hour, and I fully intended to follow up on my post a few weeks ago by asking him to answer the question: which comes first - point of view or negative space? That’s what I intended, but I’m about to hijack my own article.